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Our Mainly Products PCD Inserts, PCBN Inserts, Mono Diamond And CVD Inserts,
Diamond Machine Processing Cutting Tool.

CVD Diamond Cutting Tools

  • CVD Diamond Rotating Tools

    CVD Diamond Rotating Tools

    CVD diamond material feature: 1.High hardness: up to HV8000, more higher than PCD. 2.High wear resistance: higher abrasive ratio than that of PCD, PCBN and Mono Diamond 3.High cutting speed: get high machining efficiency 4.High surface quality: up to Ra0.1...Read More

  • CVD Diamond Inserts

    CVD Diamond Inserts

    CVD diamond material feature: In most respects, CVD diamond has the extreme chemical and physical properties of natural and high pressure high temperature (HPHT) synthetic diamond. It is essentially pure carbon with no binder phase. CVD diamond is chemically inert...Read More

  • CVD Diamond Cutting Tool

    CVD Diamond Cutting Tool

    CVD diamond material feature: CVD diamond-the chemical vapor deposition thick-film diamond- is high purity, fully dense forms of diamond with excellent thermal stability and thermal conductivity. The abrasion resistance of CVD is superior to that of PCD grades...Read More

Highmind, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China, has been specialized in the production of custom CVD diamond cutting tools for many years. Welcome to buy the quality and durable CVD diamond cutting tools with good performance from us. We will offer you unmatched price and good service.


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