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Analysis of cutter grinding of diamond cutting tools
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheels with diamond and ceramic bonding agent common characteristics, compared with ordinary corundum, silicon carbide abrasive, it is strong grinding force, grinding temperature is relatively low, abrasive wear is relatively small, can adapt to a variety of cooling fluid; grinding the shape of the abrasive to maintain good, grinding the workpiece is high precision; the abrasive has more pores, grinding is conducive to the exhaust and heat dissipation, not easy to clog, not easy to burn the workpiece; the self sharpness of abrasives is better, the dressing interval is long, and the dressing is easier. Therefore, the use of ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheels in some developed countries abroad is increasing.

Select reasonable process parameters, ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel single crystal diamond, grinding efficiency than metal binder high grinding wheel, wear is very small, low processing costs, so the use of ceramic bonding grinding wheel diamond single crystal, can greatly improve the grinding efficiency. In grinding PCD cutter, because the resin binder is softer, it is easy to deform when grinding, and can not effectively grind PCD cutter; metal bonding agent because of the combination of abrasive particles and too strong, the grinding efficiency is low, and the metal binder grinding wheel can cause the most serious damage of PCD cutter edges; synthetic grinding efficiency, abrasive durability and machining quality of workpiece surface, ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel is the most suitable choice for grinding PCD cutter.