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Application Case of PCBN tools
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Because PCBN has high hardness and abrasion resistance, at the high temperature does not react with the iron metal chemical inertia, so mainly used in high-hardness materials and refractory materials cutting processing, such as hardened steel, high alloy wear-resisting cast iron, high-temperature alloy, high-speed steel, surface spray welding materials, sintered metal materials, such as difficult to process cutting material.

(1) processing hardened steel, can play the effect of grinding car, because the depth of cutting than the grinding depth of more than 10 times times greater, so the processing efficiency is high, the surface does not produce burns. For example, the machining efficiency of the machining variable speed skating gears (20CrMnTi, hardness is HRC58~62) is more than 4 times times more than the original grinding.

(2) processing high alloy (including tungsten or chromium 18%) wear-resisting cast iron, cutting speed more than carbide cutter to increase 10 times times more than 4 times times the efficiency of cutting.

(3) processing high cobalt chromium mo corrosion resistance superalloys, PCBN cutter cutting speed is 160m/min, is cemented carbide cutter 8 times times.

(4) Processing thermal spraying (spray welding) materials, surface spray welding parts can not be used in grinding, but the use of carbide cutter cutting efficiency is very low, switching to PCBN cutter can improve processing efficiency, saving processing costs more than 50%%. PCBN cutter can also be used for precision cutting of nonferrous metals and cutting machining of sintered metals.

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