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Application of Diamond cutting tools
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Natural diamond tools are mainly used for copper and CU alloys and gold, silver, rhodium and other precious nonferrous metals, as well as special parts of ultra-precision mirror processing, such as recording camera disk, optical plane mirror, multi-faceted mirror and two times curved mirror. But its crystallization anisotropy, the cutter is expensive. The performance of PCD depends on the content of diamond grains and cobalt, and the tool life is 10~500 times of cemented carbide (WC matrix) cutters. Mainly used in turning processing all kinds of nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, magnesium and its alloys, cemented carbide and strong wear-resistant fiber reinforced plastics materials, metal matrix composites, wood and other nonmetallic materials. Cutting speed, feeding speed and cutting depth machining conditions depend on workpiece material and hardness. Synthetic polycrystalline Diamond Composite Film (PDC) performance and application close to PCD cutter, mainly used in nonferrous metals, cemented carbide, ceramics, non-metallic materials (plastics, hard rubber, carbon rods, timber, cement products, etc.), composites, such as cutting machining, gradually replacing cemented carbide cutter. Because there are some residual bonding metals and graphite between the diamond particles, the bonded metal is clustered or veins-shaped distribution reduces the abrasion resistance and longevity of the cutter. In addition, there are solvent-borne metal residues, and the solvent metal is directly contacted with Diamond surface. Reduce the oxidation resistance of (PDC) and the heat-resisting temperature of the cutter, so the cutting performance of the cutter is not stable. The fabrication process of diamond thick film cutter is complex, because of the high interfacial energy between diamond and low melting point metal and its alloys. Diamonds are rarely infiltrated by a general low-melting solder alloy. The solder is very poor, it is difficult to make complex geometric shape cutter, so TDF welding cutter can not be applied in high speed milling. Diamond Coated cutter can be applied to high-speed machining, because of the excellent mechanical properties of the diamond coated cutter, the diamond coating process can prepare arbitrary complex shape milling cutters for high-speed machining such as aluminium alloy aerospace materials and refractory nonmetallic materials such as graphite electrodes.