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Considerations for using PCBN tools
- Apr 27, 2017 -

If the cutting dosage, cutter geometry parameters and other machining conditions are selected correctly, the PCBN is an efficient long-life tool, which can create high economic benefits, but if the use of improper methods, it will cause a lot of waste.

(1) Reasonable choice of cutting dosage: cutting speed should be based on the processing materials to choose, generally much higher than cemented carbide cutter. The cutting speed of hardened steels with HRC55~65 is 80~120m/min, because PCBN cutting hard material is to soften the metal in the tiny area in the cutting area, so the cutting speed is too low to play the cutting performance of the PCBN cutter. Feed quantity is generally not greater than the 0.2MM/R, the general choice of the weight of the back knife less than 0.3mm.

(2) Reasonable selection of the cutter geometry parameters: Because the PCBN cutter toughness is higher than ceramics, lower than cemented carbide, the choice of cutter geometry parameters is to ensure the strength of the cutting edge, the general choice of the cutter front angle (0 ° ~-10 °), the rear corner selection is smaller, about 10 °. In addition to the special requirements, to ensure the tip strength, tip angle generally do not less than 90 °; edge to grind out negative chamfering, generally take 0.2mmx (-15 ° ~-30 °), use the 30~50 double magnifier to inspect the cutter before, to ensure that the edge is not disintegrating.

(3) Cooling and lubrication: For other materials, the use of cooling lubrication is conducive to improve the machining surface and prolong the tool life, but the PCBN cutter in addition to the extremely special case, without cooling liquid can also achieve the ideal processing quality and long tool life, for the PCBN cutter is afraid of soft and hard. If the coolant is used, the water-soluble coolant cannot be used because the CBN is prone to hydrolysis at 1000 ℃, which causes the cutter to wear badly.

(4) The process system of the machine tool: Because the PCBN cutter is used for the cutting machining of hardened steel and wear-resisting cast iron, and the cutter has negative chamfering, thus the radial force is larger. This requires the machine tool stiffness and precision is better, the system vibration to be small, the tool installation when the cantilever is small, PCBN cutter is not suitable for the desert surface processing.

At present, although the price of PCBN tool materials is relatively high on cemented carbide and ceramic cutters, but the cost of cutting tools on each workpiece is less than the other material cutter, adopting advanced machining technology, if the grinding machine is invested in the production cost, then the use of PCBN cutter will bring more economical benefit. For ordinary SMEs, finishing process of grinding is always the bottleneck of manufacturing processes, if the acquisition of a good performance of the lathe, using the PCBN cutter, the application of the vehicle generation grinding and other advanced machining technology, can save equipment investment, improve productivity, but also greatly increase the flexibility of processing process. In addition, because of the increase of personnel costs and environmental protection requirements, vigorously promote the use of PCBN cutter, full play its potential efficacy, improve the technical level of cutting processing is also important.