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Grinding characteristics of natural single crystal diamond cutting tools
- Apr 27, 2017 -

In Ultra-precision machining, the two basic precision of single crystal diamond cutter is the blunt circle radius of blade contour precision and cutting edge. The roundness of the arc cutter for machining aspheric lenses is 0.05 μm below. Machining multi-faceted reflector with the blade straightness of 0.02 μ m; the blunt circle radius (ρ value) of the cutter edge represents the sharpness of the cutter's edge, in order to accommodate various machining requirements, the blade radius range from 20nm~1 μ m.

Crystal surface selection of single crystal diamond cutter

The diamond crystals belong to the planar cubic crystal system, because of the difference between the atomic arrangement and the atomic density of each crystal surface and the distance between the crystal surfaces, because of the anisotropy of natural diamond crystals, diamond is not only the performance of the physical and mechanical properties of different crystal surface, its manufacturing difficulty and service life are not the same, the microscopic damage strength of each crystal surface also has obvious difference. The microscopic strength of diamond crystals can be determined by Hertz test method, because diamond is a typical brittle material, its strength numerical deviation is generally larger, mainly depends on the shape and distribution of stress distribution, so it is suitable for analysis with probability theory. When the effect of stress is simultaneously, (110) The probability of breakage of the crystal surface is the largest, (111) The second, (100) The crystal surface is the smallest probability of breakage. That is, under the external force, (110) The crystal surface is the most vulnerable, (111) The second Crystal surface, (100) the most difficult to damage. Although (110) the grinding rate of the crystal surface is higher than (100) crystal surface, the experimental results show that (100) the crystal surface has higher resistance to stress, corrosion and thermal degradation than other crystal surfaces. Combined with micro-strength consideration, using (100) face to do the cutter before and after the cutter, easy to grind out high-quality knife edge, not easy to produce microscopic blade.The crystal surface selection of single crystal diamond cutter should be carried out according to the requirement of cutter. Generally speaking, if the diamond cutter is required to obtain the highest strength, should choose (100) The crystal surface as the tool before and after the knife surface; if the diamond cutter is required to resist mechanical abrasion, then (110) The crystal surface is used as the tool before, the rear knife face; If the diamond cutter is required to resist chemical abrasion, it is advisable to adopt (110) The front knife surface of the crystal surface for the cutter, (100) The crystal surface is made of the rear knife surface, or the front and rear cutter surfaces are used (100) crystal surface. These requirements require the use of crystal directional technology to achieve.