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Machining methods and advantages of single crystal diamond cutting tools
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Processing methods

In the late in the 1970 of the 20th century, in the study of laser fusion technology, a large number of high-precision soft metal reflector is required, and the surface roughness and shape precision of the soft metal are reached ultra precise level. such as the use of traditional grinding, polishing processing methods, not only long processing time, high cost, difficult operation, and not easy to achieve the required precision. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new machining methods. Under the impetus of real demand, the ultra precise cutting technology of single crystal diamond can be developed rapidly.


Because of the physical characteristics of single crystal diamond itself, it is not easy to stick knife and produce dandruff, processing surface quality is good, processing nonferrous metals, surface roughness can reach Rz0.1~0.05 μ m. Diamond can also effectively processing non-ferrous metals and nonmetallic materials, such as copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metals and their alloys, ceramics, non-sintered cemented carbide, various fibers and particles reinforced composites, plastics, rubber, graphite, glass and various wear-resistant timber (especially solid wood and plywood, MDF and other composites).