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(PCD tools) Characteristics of cutting tool for diamond cutter
- Apr 27, 2017 -

1. Can process duplicate Pack LJ Child Bali, draw the medical fish,

2. Broach according to the surface of different parts can be divided into the Wei and the side of the Guardian.

3. Broach According to the structure can be divided into walls to make mutual, hydrocarbon generation, assembly and inlay-toothed.

4. According to the use of different picking knives can be divided into broach, stroll around the guard and wall mat.

5. The structural parameters of the working part of the broach are: The amount of fish, the first fish on each tooth of the eight-band width of 5. , and the adjacent teeth of the chip slot.

6. Broaching cutting layer size is: Over packet than name Yi "ugly toe cliff" on a Wei edge of the border region plastic presentation.

7. Broaching methods are: Venus, Gong Siyi, and fund each other.

8. Layered broaching is divided into denier and constituent each other.

9. The inspection of broach mainly include: once the number of teeth picking up the I am, Deng Star and pick up Fort, Mat guard fish to pick up.

10. At present in the production of the main promotion of the use of less than the male spline broach Diamond cutter.