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Cutting Performance Of PCBN Cutter
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Because the CBN crystals and diamond crystals are sphalerite type, and the lattice constants are similar, the chemical bond type is identical, the CBN has close hardness and compressive strength, and because it is composed of N and b atoms, so it has higher thermal stability and chemical inertia than diamond. The main properties of PCBN cutter materials are as follows:

High hardness and abrasion resistance

The microhardness of CBN Crystals is the HV8000~9000 of the second high hardness, and the hardness of PCBN composites is generally HV3000~5000. Therefore, it is used to process high hardness materials with higher abrasion resistance than cemented carbide and ceramics, which can reduce the size deviation or dispersion in the machining of large parts, especially suitable for the equipments with high automatization, can reduce the auxiliary time of changing cutter and make its efficiency fully play.

High thermal stability and high temperature hardness

The heat resistance of CBN can reach 1400, at 800 ℃ hardness of Al2O3/TiC ceramics at ambient temperature, so when the cutting temperature is higher, it will make the material softened, and the hardness difference between the cutter increases, it is advantageous to the cutting process, but the impact on the tool life.

High chemical stability

CBN has high antioxidant capacity. At 1000 ℃ also does not produce oxidation phenomenon, with iron material in 1200 1300 does not occur chemical reactions, but at about 1000 ℃ will be with water to produce a hydrolysis effect, resulting in a large number of CBN wear, so the use of PCBN cutter wet cutting need to pay attention to select the type of cutting fluid. In general, wet-cut to PCBN tool life is not significantly improved, so use the PCBN cutter often used in dry-cut way.

Have good thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of CBN material is lower than that of diamond but is much higher than cemented carbide, and with the increase of cutting temperature, the thermal conductivity of PCBN cutter is increasing, so it can make the tip of heat quickly spread, and improve the machining accuracy of workpiece.

Has a lower coefficient of friction

The friction coefficient between CBN and different materials is much lower than the friction coefficient of cemented carbide (0.4~0.6), and decreases slightly with the increase of friction velocity and positive pressure. Therefore, low friction coefficient and excellent adhesion ability, so that CBN cutter is not easy to form stranded layer or chip tumor, which is conducive to the improvement of processing surface quality.

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