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Design Principle Of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter
- Apr 27, 2017 -

PCD granularity

The choice of PCD granularity is related to tool machining conditions, such as design for finishing or ultra-finishing tools, the high strength, toughness, good impact resistance, fine grains of PCD. Coarse grained PCD cutters are available for general roughing. The granularity of PCD materials has a remarkable effect on the abrasion and breakage performance of the cutter. The research shows that the larger the granularity of PCD, the stronger the abrasion resistance of the cutter. Tool wear test of SIC matrix composites with two kinds of PCD materials used by DeBeers company SYNDITE 002 and SYNDITE025 The results show that the SYNDITE002PCD material of 2 μ M is easy to wear.

Blade thickness

Usually, the thickness of PCD composite film is about 0.3~1.0mm, and the total thickness of the cemented carbide layer is about 2~8mm. The thinner PCD layer thick is advantageous to the blade EDM machining. DeBeers company launched a 0.3mm thick PCD composite film can reduce grinding force, improve EDM cutting speed. The thickness of cemented carbide layer can not be too small to avoid delamination due to the stress difference between the two materials, when welding with PCD composite film and knife body material.

Structural Design

The geometrical parameters of PCD cutter depend on the condition of workpiece, the material and structure of cutter. Because PCD cutters are often used for finishing of workpieces, the cutting thickness is small (sometimes even equal to the cutting edge radius), belonging to the micro-cutting, so the rear angle and the face of the knife processing quality has a noticeable impact, smaller rear angle, higher quality of the knife surface to improve the processing of PCD tools can play an important role.