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On The Production Quality Of PCBN Cutter
- Apr 27, 2017 -

1. High purity, high purification rate of raw materials, reliable standardized embryo synthesis process, these two directly determine cubic boron nitride cutter performance. Of course, this is the biggest reason for the uneven price of cubic boron nitride cutter in the market.

2. Grinding, because cubic boron nitride cutter is not like carbide blade with complex groove and coating, performance depends mainly on the tool embryo performance, while grinding process and precision directly determine the micro-performance of cutting. Therefore, the use of peripheral grinding machine, cutting tool costs although a lot of improvement, but cubic boron nitride cutter quality and durability will be a grade.

3. Strict inspection means: In addition to the dimensional accuracy and surface quality, cubic boron nitride cutter production process, the most easily produced scrap is the microscopic flaw detection under the electron microscope. The microscopic defect of the cutting edge is not visible to the naked eye, which is the fuse of the disintegrating edge in the use of cubic boron nitride cutter, which is prone to the problem of cutter cutter knife.

From the use point of view: good impact resistance, especially in the area of roughing, the use of non-cutting edge, not fragmentation, this is the use of cubic boron nitride cutter safety of the most basic assurance. Good abrasion resistance, high-efficiency processing at the same time, to be able to replace the low cost of cemented carbide cutter and ceramic blade, this is the cubic boron nitride cutter use of economical assurance.