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cbn tool

  • CVD Diamond Cutting Tool

    CVD Diamond Cutting Tool

    CVD diamond material feature: CVD diamond-the chemical vapor deposition thick-film diamond- is high purity, fully dense forms of diamond with excellent thermal stability and thermal conductivity. The abrasion resistance of CVD is superior to that of PCD grades...Read More

  • PCBN Cutting Tool

    PCBN Cutting Tool

    PCBN material feature: PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic boron nitride) as the excellent supplement of PCD diamond material, is the second hardest material in the world. It is considerably harder than the oxide...Read More

  • Single-Crystalline Diamond Cutting Tool

    Single-Crystalline Diamond Cutting Tool

    Single crystal diamond material feature: Single crystal diamond is produced by HPHT-high pressure high temperature. Mono diamond is Type lb diamond with excellent heat conducting characteristics (four times that of copper)...Read More

  • PCD Cutting Tool

    PCD Cutting Tool

    PCD diamond material feature: PCD diamond, the hardest and most resistant material in the world, is produced by sintering together micron-sized diamond particles at ultra-high pressure and temperature in the presence of metallic catalyst...Read More