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Our Mainly Products PCD Inserts, PCBN Inserts, Mono Diamond And CVD Inserts,
Diamond Machine Processing Cutting Tool.

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pcd reamers

  • PCD Inserts

    PCD Inserts

    The PCD inserts include the ISO standard and no-standard cutting inserts or tips. Both of the two kinds of PCD inserts are used to meet the high accuracy and high efficiently demand for turning, milling, boring and drilling application. The PCD insert can be used in many fields including...Read More

  • PCD Cutting Tool

    PCD Cutting Tool

    PCD diamond material feature: PCD diamond, the hardest and most resistant material in the world, is produced by sintering together micron-sized diamond particles at ultra-high pressure and temperature in the presence of metallic catalyst...Read More



    Highmind brings you the best quality and durable PCD CCGW with competitive price. We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please be free to place orders of our custom PCD CCGW.Read More

  • PCD Rotating Tools

    PCD Rotating Tools

    PCD material feature: 1. High hardness: up to HV8000, the hardest material in the world. 2. High wear resistance: get much higher tool life than WC material 3. High cutting speed and cutting depth: get high machining efficiency 4. High surface quality: up to Ra0.1...Read More